DeSign is “The Sign” to Shine

  • Nov 30, 2022
  • By admin

Apparently, it is very well known and understood nowadays that to have some extra edge over traditional business system, a business unit needs a website. But is just having a website makes it large?

The answer has many aspects. The most vital aspect which matters is the Design. Design of Graphics and Navigation of your website decides its functionality, user friendliness and ease to access. Let us see how –

1 Graphic Design:

This segment includes your logo and the graphics that you implement over your website. Your logo must be simple and conveying the mission of your business. Graphics Design for Website must go well with its theme and your logo. Use of colors also creates an impact. Colors must be relevant to your industry and business ideas.

2 Website Design:

Placing the right image at right place and linking it with appropriate URL is something related to website designing. It is all about the aesthetic factors whose scope is to ascertain the correct layout, user interface and various visual imageries required to make your website look elegant and appealing clearly portraying your business ideas.

3 Multiple Interface Design:

Nowadays, more users prefer to surf the internet from their smartphones or tablets rather than just sticking to their PCs or laptops. Hence, your design must be compatible to be responsive and accessible from device of various specifications, resolutions and configurations.

Now if the above two factors are not taken care of, then your effort and intention to have some extra output from the digital world might fail. Following are few illustrations:

88% of internet users prefer not to return back to a website if it is badly designed
75% of internet users judge the potential, worth and credibility of a company by its website design
94% of internet users expresses their first impression on a website by seeing its design. What you do, who you or what you are selling is taken in account later!
57% of internet users have recorded in a survey that they won’t recommend a website to anyone if it is poorly designed for tablets or smartphones

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