How Can Mobile App Help You To Generate Qualified Leads?

  • Nov 20, 2022
  • By admin

As most of the business nowadays have adhered to digital modes of advertisement and publicity, marketing, and CRM activities have also taken a digital paradigm. Leads are the most important and integral part of developing a business. They are the most important data which an organization strives to attain on a priority basis.

Since the coming of Android and iOS technology, mobile users have gone addicted to their devices. They are much more active on social media channels and networks nowadays than they were a decade ago. Mobile apps can be used to engage users in and attract them towards sweepstakes, online quizzes and contests, surveys and mock interviews by which organizations can obtain instant data. On linking the application with various verification and government portals, the data entered by the user can also be verified instantly with the least effort of auditing or validation of the details.

The Android or iOS applications, often termed as apps act as a funnel in generating qualified leads. The path by which an app helps in obtaining filtered data or qualified leads can be categorized as follows –

1 The registration or sign up process

Whenever a user downloads and installs an application, a brief registration or sign up process gets initiated. In this stage, the user has to provide personal details like name, contact number, email ID, etc. to get registered. Details like location, gender or age can provide the organization with basic demographic details which can help it to decide eligibility factors of the registered user. For example, if you are selling any equipment suitable for male personal use, you can sort out your required data using gender filtration.

2 Ability to locate

As we all know that our smartphones are equipped with accurate Global Positioning Systems or GPS. This helps in locating the user and hence filters the location to be true or false from the registration process and the user can’t falsify his or her location. Apart from that, various permissions when provided to the applications help in fetching the mobile network identity, carrier and phone model of the user. This helps the organization to categorize users in various profiles according to their possessions. For instance, if your service can be delivered within a certain state or national boundary, you can filter the users using their location and reach out to the eligible users within your serviceable area.

3 Get desired engagements

Many organizations have provisions in their marketing strategy to offer discounts, packages or purchase benefits at some specific point of time in a year. An application can be used to distribute coupon codes and vouchers to allure users and attract them towards the respective outlets or POS on a seasonal basis.

4 Greater turnaround ratio

After the process of registration, the application can display pages of events like giveaway parties, annual celebrations, discount camps, etc. which can guide users to the points of direct interaction. It also increases the probability of users to directly communicating with customer care or sales department if they find the presentation impressive.

5 Push Notifications

The most frequently used digital marketing method is sending offers and via email or SMS or social media messages. The shortcomings of such methods are that most of the emails get diverted towards the spam or junk folders which users rarely care to open and the SMS or social media messages are ignored to a great extent. Applications that give push notification options to users have an edge over others. If the content impresses the user, the application can gain instant engagement and the user can turn out to be one of the qualified leads for the organization.

6 Ease of documentation

Many organizations sell products and services which require documental formalities or collaterals. For example, organizations offering insurance or other financial products. In today’s busy schedule, most of us might not have ample time to visit the office and complete formalities for insurance or any other financial services. Organizations can use the application algorithms to fetch scanned copies of the documents via the application and complete the necessary formalities without losing potential customers.

7 Ability to merge payment gateways

Since the world has become a digital space, you can offer a secure digital payment method for purchasing your products and services. Today apps like Paypal are dominating the fintech market by providing enriching user experience. You can incorporate such secure payment gateways in your app or can build one along with your app. This will not only boost the trust between you and your client but also attribute to better user experience.

8 Provide Quality Content

There is no denying that Content is the king when it comes to driving leads from your mobile app. The content serving as a description of the products and services of the organization must be crisp and informative. It should not have a double meaning word and must be straightforward. This impresses users and boosts your conversion rate. Along with the content, proper color codes should be used which must match the trade and seem soothing to the users.

9 Facilitates online agreement signing

You may require some legal agreement signup from your client or customer to cater to your services. Facilities of eSign, when embedded in your mobile app, can help to get that done in a safe, secure and promising way. So if you are doing something related to renting, leasing or lending and borrowing, then Agreement singing then feature can help you in the most integral part of your business.

10 Data Verification

We know that Government ID proofs are important to establish authority. Mobile applications can be linked with such websites with prior permission by which, the data entered by the user will get verified at the time of registration itself. This will prevent falsifications of data and help you get accurate leads.

11 Boost referrals

Since mobile applications are easy to handle and operate, they are shared easily. Using the quick share property, you can allow users to share the application in their groups with some tempting offers. This will make the user feel good and he or she will contribute to the growth of the network of your customers.

12 Free from linguistic barriers

Nowadays it is very easy to create multilingual programs and APIs owing to the language identifiers and translators used in development. Hence, creating mobile applications with more than one operating language is possible which gives the application a regional touch to boost it to local preference.

13 Leveraging human psychology

The basic things required to attract users towards mobile applications are to make them more user-friendly towards your pragmatic purpose, capture and communicate with leads and convert using a panel of marketing experts. If utilized properly, this can help in promoting the application and henceforth the product or service you are marketing for. Due to this syndrome, users frequently keep checking their devices for something new. You can explore the wide arena by repeatedly circulating the link of your application at target forums and landing pages. Mobile apps can be used as an interface with interactive options like games, quizzes or contests by which you can fetch the details of the users. Mobile apps are the most preferred, cost-effective and accurate means of marketing which provides prompt and secure means of reaching your customers. A trained and expert marketing team is all that is required to convert the data or leads to your potential customers.

14 Reach to expanding markets

We are in 2019 and we know countries like the USA are the go-to markets for all mobile apps. This is one of the reasons it has become saturated. There are many emerging markets where you can pitch for lead generation. For example, China has become a new hotbed for all the countries that want to expand their user base. Make a list of all the emerging markets. Analyze their demography and make a list of all the places where you can pitch your app. After you’ve found your niche, align your app with your new audience and start catering to their interests. After all users won’t have the same interest! It’s time for you to get into the coding mode!

The basic flow of the process of generating qualified leads using mobile apps starts with creating the same. The app must be simple, multilingual, fast and lag-free. The next step is its circulation and promotion. If you have a website, embed the app in it and circulate the same in various social media networks. If you don’t have a website, make the application available from mobile app providing platforms like Google Playstore or App Store and circulate the links over social media platforms. Henceforth, a proper and responsive method must be adopted in filtering and communicating with the leads generated by mobile apps. The applications must be regularly updated for enhancement of the ease of access and usability of the same. This will help in attracting more users and further refer the same to others.