Which Social Media Platform can be your Marketing Partner?

  • Sep 25, 2022
  • By admin

In a survey it has been declared that near about 56% of business (all-scales inclusive) uses a website as marketing tool. Just having a website can never pitch your business among the crowds of millions surfing the internet every second. For that you always require a social media network or platform. 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are few of the most popular social media channels which is having a dedicated crowdbase in millions. Millions of visitors engage themselves in these platforms for various activities like sharing their status, their location, chatting personally or groups and above all – looking for deals.

Facebook is having 2.45 billion registered users!

Twitter has more than 3.21 billion registered users!

LinkedIn is a network of 6.6 billion+ professionals & experts!

Instagram is having more than 8 billion users!

These are just a small fragment of the statistics which can be sufficient to explain the enormity of the social media network. Google has claimed that an average of 70000 searches are made in a second of the entire day. By getting your website introduced in the social media network you can get access to a crowd of millions to billions users globally. It is claimed that 14.6% conversion rate is achieved by digital marketing which is just 1.7% by traditional methods.

Hence, after getting a website, you have to be part of the digital marketing process to give your website the identity it is deserving. A product or small business in any locality gets famous either by its mouth publicity or any BTL or OTL marketing method. Similar is the situation here. Take your website to be a business identity over the internet. People will come to know about that only if you promote that. The most promising promotion partner over internet is the social media network.

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