Website vs Social Media

  • Sep 20, 2022
  • By admin

Internet has completely taken over other modes of communication nowadays. Even voice and video calls are possible using internet connection if you are having a proper interface to do so. Official meetings are now held over the digital platform using interfaces like Zoom Meeting, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, CyberLink U Meetings and Google Hangout.

It is versatile platform which sometimes confuses users as which tool to use for a particular purpose. Many questions poke their brains and sometimes they are left out with no accurate solution. There’s where search engines comes to use. Once you are not knowing it, search that in Google.

One of such query often faced by business owners as which one to go for – a Website or Social Media Channels. Both the platforms are useful to propagate the business identity among masses over larger volume of people as compared to traditional modes of business marketing, but yet, there are some hitches if you go just for one.

A Website is just your first step towards digital branding. It is a way to have a digital identity. But just having a website is much similar to having a shop amidst a stormy desert where no one lives. After you are done with your website, you have to market your website digitally. There is where Social Media Channels proves to be handy. Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other specific trade oriented platforms are having users in billions. Once your Website is properly pitched on these platforms, the purpose of having a website is met.

Similarly, just Social Media Channels are not enough to publicize your business digitally. On Social Media Channels you can publish posts. The very first concept to attract attention on Social Media Channels is that your post must have short, crisp and meaningful content. Hence, in one post of yours, you cannot demonstrate the features or descriptions of all of your products or services. But if you just embed the link of your website with a post, people who gets interested can visit your website directly by clicking on your post. You are not required to post individually for each and every product you manufacture or service you provide.

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