How Website is Useful for Business

  • Oct 15, 2022
  • By admin

Internet is the greatest marketplace nowadays on this Earth. Google has reported that 71% of the searches made on daily basis is for products, services and purchases. This shows that how mankind has become completely dependent on the digital platform. Few more striking stats are as follows –

1. 50% of “-some store- near me” searches on total at Google results in a store visit.
2. 30% of the entire active hours of a day, individuals are using Google Search on their phone.
3. 35% of the product and 43% of the service searches are done on Google.
4. 16%-20% of Google Searches are new on annual basis. This indicates that there is a growth of 16-20% of searchers every year.

Now you have a platform where you are not required to find your customer. The traditional business model has experienced a complete transition in its methods and modes.

Website helps in increasing the response rate, conversion ratio and exposes the business to greater reach and projection. A website is having the potential to create global arenas and generate greater business avenues. Few stats which can prove the effectiveness of a website is underlying hereby –

1. 4,208,571, 287 : Number of active internet users globally
2. 1.95 billion : Number of websites on the internet
3. 3.2 billion : Number of social media users
4. $220 : Average spending by men as online transaction
5. $151 : Average spending by women as online transaction
6. 95% : NASDAQ’s estimation of percentage of shopping on ecommerce within year 2040
7. 71% : Percentage of people believing that they will get best deal online

Your website is simply like a gateway to reach these millions and billions of people who are eagerly waiting for your product or service. 56% of the business establishments globally has an active website and social media platform to boost their business volume.

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